First Responders Network, a free media streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the voices and stories of first responders, is excited to announce the addition of the 911 Strong Podcast to its lineup.

The 911 Strong Podcast invites viewers to delve into the unique experiences and challenges faced by law enforcement personnel through personal anecdotes, discussions, and expert insights. Co-hosted by veteran law enforcement officer, Aram Choe, and Police Dispatcher, Kristen Jauregui, this show offers invaluable insights, relevant topics, and thought-provoking perspectives and provides an authentic and insightful glimpse into the law enforcement profession.

Mark your calendars for July 14, 2023, as the 911 Strong Podcast launches its inaugural episode on FRN, followed by weekly releases throughout the summer.

To access the 911 Strong Podcast, visit the First Responders Network website ( or download the FRN app from your mobile app store or on your connected TVs.

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