First Responders Network’s Burch Interviews Microsoft Public Safety Expert at Accelerate 2023 


First Responders Network (FRN) is excited to announce that Badge Boys host, Darren Burch, had an in-depth conversation with Chad Wallace from Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Safety & Justice group at this year’s Axon Accelerate 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. Microsoft was the sponsor of the FRN Stage and a longtime partner of Axon.  


Chad Wallace, a former police officer, currently helps bridge the gap between Microsoft and the public safety sector to bring beneficial technology that helps first responders do their job more efficiently. “Microsoft is heavily invested in public safety and works closely with partners, like Axon, to bring resources and technology that’s actually useful.”  


Microsoft and its partners are now working to develop tools that connect with the Azure cloud platform to ensure compatibility and ease of use. Just recently, Microsoft conducted a case study where they reduced the duration of a financial crimes investigation from 893 days to just 3 days from start to finish.  


Watch the entire interview as Badge Boys’ host Darren Burch revisits with Wallace about his earlier days as a police officer and how he went into the private sector to continue to help his public safety family do their job more efficiently.  


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