Media Alert

First Responders Network (FRN), a leading platform showcasing the extraordinary stories of the men and women who serve as first responders, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cineverse, the popular free ad-supported streaming service dedicated to delivering the finest movies and TV shows from around the world. 

FRN has consistently captivated audiences with its exciting, dramatic, and heartwarming  first responder content, providing an intimate look into the lives of the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect and serve our communities. With this latest development, fans of First Responders Network can enjoy a Cineverse live channel experience. 

“We continue to seek out ways to share our first responder content with broader audiences, and we are excited to be part of the Cineverse network,” said Robert Wynn, Vice President of Axon Studios. “Cineverse’s dedication to delivering exceptional entertainment aligns perfectly with our mission to honor and shed light on the incredible work and stories of our first responders.” 

Through this partnership, FRN aims to extend its reach and connect with a wider audience base, allowing more viewers to experience the inspiring narratives of those on the frontlines. Cineverse offers an ideal platform for FRN to engage viewers with its compelling storytelling and showcase the sacrifices, resilience, and triumphs of first responders across various public service sectors.  

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About First Responders Network: FRN is a free media streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the untold personal stories of the women and men who serve and inspire the next generation of first responders.