First Responders Network Launches Talk Show Rise to the Call

First Responders Network (FRN) is proud to announce the launch of its new talk show, Rise to the Call. This interview podcast aims to build a bridge between first responders and the communities they assist by sharing authentic stories about the men and women who serve and protect. The program touches on topics that are raw, real, and important to first responders and beyond.

Rise to the Call launched on March 1, 2023.  The first season is streaming now and will drop new episodes every Wednesday.

The program is hosted by Crystal Bailey — a former news reporter and Fire Public Information Officer — who has firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by today’s first responders. Each episode features personal interviews with first responders from various backgrounds and disciplines sharing their experiences, insights, and perspectives.

“We are thrilled to launch Rise to the Call and provide a platform for first responders to share their stories and connect with their communities,” said the First Responders Network. “We believe that this program will help to foster understanding, empathy, and appreciation for the critical work that first responders do every day.”

The program is available for streaming on the FRN app and on all connected TVs and is promoted through social media and other digital channels. For more information, please visit the or follow on social media.

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About First Responders Network: FRN is a free media streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the untold personal stories of the women and men who serve and inspire the next generation of first responders.