First Responders Network Highlights the Power of Positive Storytelling  


First Responders Network (FRN), a leading streaming media platform dedicated to telling authentic, real-life stories about first responders, is excited to share its passion for shining a light on the positive lives of law enforcement, fire, and EMS and their impact on their communities. 


“We need stories of heroes today more than ever,” says Robert Wynn, head of Axon Studios. “We built FRN to give the men and women who serve a chance to tell their story, their way, and inspire the next generation of First Responders to make a difference in their community.” 


FRN believes in the power of positive storytelling to shape perceptions and unite, educate, and inspire others. FRN is committed to spotlighting first responders’ contributions to society to help foster a greater sense of community and compassion in the world.  


Join FRN in celebrating the inspiration and heroism of first responders by signing up for the free service at and following us on social media. We encourage you to share your own positive experiences with us. 


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About First Responders Network: FRN is a free streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the untold personal stories of the women and men who serve and inspire the next generation of first responders.