First Responders Network Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Reflection on a “Year of Firsts” 


First Responders Network (FRN) is celebrating its one-year anniversary by reflecting on a “Year of Firsts,” which showcases the network’s first real-life portrayals of intense rescues, firefighting, medical emergencies, in depth conversations, and other engaging first responder stories. The celebration shines a bright light on these first responders through authentic storytelling, discussions, and community engagement, featuring representatives from FRN as well as community members and first responders across Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Emergency and Rescue support and others. 


FRN was established as a streaming platform to feature the everyday heroes who heed the call to protect, serve, and take care of our communities. The organization recognizes the bravery and dedication of these individuals, and the critical role they play in keeping our hometowns and cities safe.  


Join us as we celebrate the first year of First Responders Network and reflect on a “Year of Firsts,” all April long and beyond.


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About First Responders Network: FRN is a free streaming media platform dedicated to showcasing the untold personal stories of the women and men who serve and inspire the next generation of first responders.